martes, mayo 09, 2006

A trip to Thailand with spouses (3): Water!

Dear friends:

the fact that seems to me a reviewable chance we arrived at Thailand, a country in which the king Rama IX is considered saint and, therefore, save of sarcasm (punished with the jail), the day of the II Spanish Republic, 14th of April. It was our first trip to Asia and very we were warned: everything is very different, everything is shocking. And, partly, it was truth. The first shock we had, when coming out of Bangkok airport, in the exciting moment before the unknown, was a punch of humidity that threw us back nothing else to show the face to the street. The exhausting humid heat slapped like the stench of the rotted deadbody of Winter. Water! A baptism of fire in our entrance to Asia with 35 degrees and more of a ninety percent of humidity. I did not know, then, if I was walking or diving, while, metamorphosis or adaptation, my same body undid in water to camouflage itself into the Thailander liquid air.

Overwhelmed by the pressure of atmosphere, when we arrived at the Davids Hotel, first that we did it practically was to ask for the swimming pool. They told us that it was in the ninth plant, so, once we finished the eternal burocracy of the check-in, we signed, went up to the room, tore with anxiety the bathing clothes out of the luggage and Water! the boy and I jumped to it as if it was an oasis and we had been lost in the dessert for one week. I jumped like a bomb, considering my present weight (cubical root of 636.056 kilos) we could call it atomic, causing a tsunami that untied curses in thousand languages: all the tourists of around the swimming pool stabbed to me with the glance. What a sensation! You can't imagine! It was a fucking soup! If I had seen a giant spoon, I would have get scared. The only swimming pool of the world with views to the Carrefour ("Stupid joke in Spanish that doesn't make sense in English, as it is the motto of Carrefour written in Thai accent") in which, to refresh yourself, you have to go out of it.

Bangkok was specially busy in our arrival. It is a very populated city in which an eternal scent to chicken floats due to the contamination. After being a long while in the pot of the hotel's roof, time enough to cook a Madrilenian stew properly, to untimed fire, plop plop plop, we took our first walk by the city. We lucky arrived in Thailand in the second day of the Songkran Festival, the Thailander New Year's Day that had put them completely into year 2549, marked by the date of the birth of Buddha in 543 a.C. The Songkran lasts three days, from the 13th to the 15th of April, and the Thailanders celebrate it, basically, Water! throwing water to each others. One fiesta. You see gangs of kids riding pick-ups with water barrels splashing everyone, but also you see adults armed with machineguns of water, tourists, waiters of the hotel... People goes by the street with the clothes very wet that, sure soon are lamented by the chicken influenza. Is understandable that, with the scent to chicken and the Songkran, the desease is chronic there.

The only place in that, truely, we had refreshment was in the cold shower of Koh Lanta resort. There wasn't hot water, nor no need of it. For what? For that you have the Andaman sea, plop plop plop. The night of the wedding, after the fiesta, about half-past five in the morning, with tongue of rag, Diego, my brother-in-law, asked me if I thought, as him, that it was time for a "chick-pea" bath watching the stars. I agreed with without a doubt, it was the perfect closing and there we went, Water! followed by a Swedishman, a Turk, an Englishman, a Dutchman (I am not sure of this point) and a couple of Spaniards. It was like a joke of international quizz, only that, with certain guys, is better not to compete. Believe me if I say that it was an unforgettable sensation. The situation lead me to think about that if the UN celebrated in these conditions its general assemblies, perhaps the reasons of Sub-Sahara Africa would have some more weight. In the particular case of some, and I do not want to talk about anybody, much more weight.

X.Water!- Murguía

posted by Wells & Bea-Murguí­a AT 7:13 A.M.


beach said...
How we go of Haikus?In order to participate in the aid, today I respond to you thus:

Again in Koh Lanta
I swim without balls
in the Andaman sea.

I don't know if it is ok, I am a rookie :)

08 May, 2006 10:56
Wells & Bea-Murguí­a said...


Lying down in the water
I stretch the arms.
I point to the sky.

At the moment, by me, although it was only because you're brave, you have the prize.

08 May, 2006 11:14
beach said...


Floating as you could
you believed to stretch the arms
with the unfloating ass

(In addition I doubt that you can remember it)

08 May, 2006 11:18
Wells & Bea-Murguía said...


Deep sea, distant beach.
With the moon in the ass
I occurred with a rock.

We are the Camela of blog. (No sense)


08 May, 2006 11:31
beach said...

PIMPINELISMO: (no sense again. Impossible translation).

Neither in Swedish, nor in Dutch nor in English
you swore in provincial
nothing happened

08 May, 2006 11:38
Wells & Bea-Murguía said...

They call me the eagle
by the length of my nails.
But my foot didn't touch the rock.

I'm so delirious...

Pimpi answer!

08 May, 2006 11:47
the brother-in-laaaaaaw said...

We have already returned
married and brown,
loaded batteries.

je je je, I remember that the following day, Charlotta (the Swedish) sighed alleviated of which it was not happened to us to bath dressed, worried about Peter's trousers... so, it is not to ruin them!!!

08 May, 2006 15:12
Wells & Bea-Murguía said...

Hey man, brother-in-laaaaw!
I remember that it was me, who got bathed with the trousers on... or not? Hell, that this blog is read by my wife... And my mother-in-law.


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